Ariston Hotel, Papigo, Zagori, Epirus, Greece

Ariston Hotel is a composition of three stone made buildings, fully incorporated in the unique architecture of Zagori region. In addition to the luxurious rooms the hotel also offers a large lobby – living room with a traditional fireplace in the center. Breakfast room is settled over the living room. The installation of the living room and of the breakfast area in a central, separate building, leaves the other two of them free to host all luxurious rooms in total quietness and comfort.


The open space – the courtyard between the buildings serves as a meeting point and offers open views of the famous Vikos canyon and Astraka rocks. Actually views from all the rooms and public areas are impressive as the whole hotel is built on the foot of the wild and unique landscape known as the “towers” of Astraka. Towers is the local naming of the huge vertical blocks of rock on top of which is the 3.5 hours walking distance shelter and further up (5 hr) the legendary Drakolimni, a unique mountain top lake.


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