Papigo is one of the 46 villages of the residential, cultural and historical unit of Zagori. The particular layout, the rich vegetation of the region and the unique ferocity of its landscape always draw a lot of visitors from Greece and abroad. Separated in two districts (mahalades), the Big and the Small, that are built at the foot of Astrakas under the imposing towers and the fabulous Drakolimni, Papigo has a tradition of exceptional hospitality and a particular way of maintaining the land-planning and cultural organisation of the local society. Papigo is in the north-east of Ioannina – latitude 039 N58, longitude 020 E44 – in a distance of 59 km. The mountain range of Timfis, the crowns of which reach 2.497 m., dominates in the entire village shaping in the north the ravine of Aoos and in the south-west the imposing gorge of Vikos, with the river Voidomatis. The Big Papigo is situated in an altitude of 900 m., the Small Papigo in an altitude of 980 m. and the distance between them is roughly 2 km. Its extent is 34.131 hectares from which 150 are agricultural areas, 29.431 pasture lands, 800 forests, 300 waters and 3300 urban areas. The 2001 inventory recorded 360 residents.



  • Mountain refuge Astraka (3.5 hours)
  • Red Lithari
  • Vikos canyon
  • Old village Kleidonia